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ProTerra Foundation Conference 2014 - Creating Sustainable Value Chains, 15 October 2014, Hamburg
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  • Juliet Morris Juliet Morris

  • Sibyl Anwander Dr Sibyl Anwander
    ProTerra Foundation

  • Harry Aiking Prof Harry Aiking

  • Daniel Nepstad Dr Daniel Nepstad
    Earth Innovation

  • Christel Cederberg Prof Christel Cederberg
    Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg

  • Tony Bruggink Mr Tony Bruggink

  • Ludger Breloh Dr Ludger Breloh

  • Belinda Howell Dr Belinda Howell
    Retailers’ Soy Group

  • Sandra Mulder Sandra Mulder
    World Wide Fund for Nature

ProTerra is an independent not-for-profit foundation, registered in the Netherlands. ProTerra aims to provide a range of tools and programs to advance the sustainability of the food system. One of these is the ProTerra Certification Program.

ProTerra has established a strong track record of advancing the sustainability of the soy supply chain through certification.

ProTerra was the first certification program in the food and feed-scale commodities sector to respond to the growing demand for both Non-GMO and improved sustainability. Today ProTerra is the leader in certification in the soy and soy derivatives sector.

Our mission is to bring together stakeholders throughout the food chain to assure reliable, economical supplies of food and feed ingredients produced in line with progressive yet practical sustainability and Non-GMO requirements.


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